AS1AustraliaUniversity of Queensland Intensive English Language Studies Programme G22019-06-03 to 2019-07-05
(5 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
AS2AustraliaUniversity of Queensland Queensland in July G22019-07-01 to 2019-07-21
(3 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
AU1AustriaUniversity of ViennaInternational Summer Programme G2/G32019-07-13 to 2019-07-27
(2 weeks)/
2019-07-13 to 2019-08-10
(4 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
AU2AustriaUniversity of Salzburg
Asian-Austrian-European Summer School
G32019-07-12 to 2018-08-09
(4 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
BE1BelgiumUniversité Libre de Bruxelles"
The EU Area of Criminal Justice"
TBC2019-07-01 to 2019-07-05
(5 days)
TBCTo be updated
CA1CanadaUniversity of Victoria
International Summer Institute for Business Management (ISIBM)
G2 (Undergraduate )
G3 (Graduate)
2019-07-03 to 2019-07-26 (Undergraduate)
2019-06-17 to 2019-07-12 (Graduate)
No LimitTo be updated
CA2CanadaUniversity of British Columbia
Vancouver Summer Programs
G32019-06-08 to 2019-07-08
2019-07-13 to 2019-08-13
No LimitTo be updated
CA3CanadaUniversity of British Columbia
English for the Global Citizen (EGC)
G22019-06-10 to 2019-07-5
2019-7-8 to 2019-08-2
No Limit To be updated
CA4CanadaMcGill University
McGill International Summer Program
G32019-07-13 to 2019-08-11
(4 weeks)
No Limit To be updated
CA5CanadaWilfrid Laurier UniversityLEAF Business English ProgramG22019-07-22 to 2019-08-16No LimitTo be updated
CN1ChinaRenmin University of China 中國人民大學
International Summer School (ISS)
G12019-06-29 to 2019-07-26
(4 weeks)
No Limit
2-tuition-fee-waived quota
To be updated
CN2ChinaSun Yat-Sen University 中山大學
International Summer Program
G12019-07-21 to 201-08-4No LimitTo be updated
CN3ChinaÉcole Supérieure des Sciences Commerciales d'Angers (ESSCA)
Shanghai Summer Programme
G22019-06-10 to 2019-07-20
(5 weeks)
2To be updated
CNHK1China (Hong Kong)The University of Hong Kong
The University of Hong Kong Summer Programme
G1-G22019-06-24 to 2019-08-09
(Depends on the courses)
No LimitTo be updated
CNHK2China (Hong Kong)The Chinese University of Hong KongInternational Summer School (ISS) SummerG1: 3-credit
G2: 6-credit
2019-06-23 to 2019-07-31
No LimitTo be updated
CNHK3China (Hong KongThe Hong Kong Baptist University
HKBU Summer Programme
G12019-07-04 to 2019-07-30
No LimitTo be updated
CNHK4China (Shenzhen)The Chinese University of Hong Kong, ShenzhenInternational Summer Programme G12019-06-02 to 2019-06-27
No LimitTo be updated
CNTW1China (Taiwan)Chiao Tung University 交通大學
NCTU Summer Programme
G12019-07-15 to 2019-08-07 No LimitTo be updated
CNTW2China (Taiwan)Chengchi University 政治大學
NCCU International Summer School (ISS) 政治大學國際夏日課程
G12019-07-04 to 2019- 08-03
5To be updated
CNTW3China (Taiwan)Taiwan Normal University 臺灣師範大學
Mandarin Study Tour
G120198-06-17 to 2019-07-05/
2019-07-08 to 2019-07-24/
2019-07-29 to 2019-08-16
(3 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
CNTW4China (Taiwan)Taiwan University 臺灣大學
NTU Plus Academy
G1 to G2 2019 June to August (Depend on the session you choose)No LimitTo be updated
FR1FranceIESEG School of ManagementSummer AcademyG2Summer Academy:
2019-07-01 to 2019-07-26
Fashion Business:
2019-07-01 to 2019-07-12
No LimitTo be updated
FR2FranceESSCAAngers Summer Programme & Angers - Bordeaux Summer SessionOption 1: G3
Option 2: G2
Option 1: 2019-06-05 to 2019-07-04 (4 weeks)
Option 2: 2019-06-28 to 2019-07-13 (2 weeks)
Option 1: 2
Option 2: 2
To be updated
FR3FranceESCE Paris - La Defense
Summer Certificate Programme
G22019-07-02 to 2019-07-19No LimitTo be updated
FR4FranceESC Rennes School of BusinessSummer SchoolG1/G2/G3FR4-1: 2019-06-11 to 2019-06-11
FR4-2: 2019-05-28 to 2019-06-07
FR4-3: 2019-06-25 to 2019-07-05
FR4-4: 2019-06-17 to 2019-07-12
(5 days for each course)
No LimitTo be updated
Paris Summer Programme
G22019-06-17 to 2019-07-11
(4 weeks) (TBC)
Pairing 1 or Pairing 2: 2
Pairing 3: No limit
To be updated
FR6FranceUniversite Catholique De Lille
European Summer Programme
G22019-05-27 to 2019-06-26
2019-06-28 to 2019-07-26
No LimitTo be updated
FR7FranceICN Business School
ICN Summer Programme
G22019-06-03 to 2019-06-30No LimitTo be updated
GM1GermanyUniversity of Kassel
International Summer University [ISU]
G12019-06-22 to 2019-07-20
(4 weeks)
No Limit (depends on Host University)To be updated
GM2GermanyOtto Beisheim School of Management
European Bachelor Summer Institute
G22019-05-26 to 2019-06-15
(2 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
GM3GermanyUniversity of Bremen
International Summer Language Courses
G12019-07-15 to 2019-08-0915To be updated
GM4GermanyUniversity of Tübingen
International & European Studies Summer Program
G12019-05-20 to 2019-06-155
To be updated
GM5GermanyTU Berlin University
TU Berlin Summer University
G1/G2/G3Term 1: 2019-06-11 to 2019-07-05
Term 2 (a): 2019-07-01 to 2019-07-19
Term 2 (b): 2019-07-08 to 2019-07-19
Term 3: 2019-07-22 to 2019-08-16
6 quota per courseTo be updated
GM6GermanyEBS University
Bachelor and Master Session
G32019-06-11 to 2019-06-28No LimitTo be updated
Olympia Summer Academy
G12019-07-07 to 2019-07-16
(10 days)
No LimitTo be updated
Budapest Summer Programme
G12019-06-17 to 2019-07-14
(4 weeks) (TBC)
Option 1 or Option 2: 4To be updated
IR1IsraelIsrael Institute of Technology (Technion International School)
Summer School Programme
G32019-07-30 to 2019-08-22
(4 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
IR2IsraelInnovNation - Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program in Israel,
Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program in Israel - Summer -
G2 (One course)
G3 (Two courses)
2019-07-01 to 2019-07-25
(4 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
Summer Programmes
G1/G2/G3IT1-1: TBC
IT1-2: 2019-07 (Dates depend on the week you choose)
No limitTo be updated
JP1JapanRitsumeikan University
Ritsumeikan Summer Programme
JP1-1: G2
JP1-2: G1
2019-07-1to 2019-08-03
(5 weeks)
2019-07-22 to
2To be updated
JP2JapanKumamoto University
Kumamoto University Summer Programme
TBC--N/ATo be updated
JP3JapanWaseda University
Summer Session
G32019-6-21 to
2To be updated
JP4JapanKonan University
Summer Intensive Japanese Program
TBC--N/ATo be updated
JP5JapanKwansei Gakuin University
Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Study Program
JP5-1A: G3
JP5-1B & 1C: G2
JP5-2: G1
2019-06-03 to 2019-07-11 (5 weeks)
2019-06-07 to 2019-07-11 (4 weeks)
2019-07-17 to
JP5-1: 4
JP5-2: 5
To be updated
JP6JapanTokyo Keizai University
Japan Study Program
TBC2017-07-06 to 2017-07-24
(4 weeks)
TBCTo be updated
JP7JapanSophia University
Summer Session for Japanese Language
2019-06-10 to 2019-06-28
(3 weeks)
2019-07-08 to
(3 weeks)
Session 1: 15
Session 2: 15
To be updated
JP8JapanKyoto Women's University
Summer Program
G12019-08-6 to 2019-08- 253To be updated
JP9JapanJ.F. Oberlin UniversitySummer ProgrammeG12019-07-01 to 2019-07-30
(4 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
JP10JapanKeio University Summer ProgrammeTBCJune-July (1 month)No LimitTo be updated
JP11JapanTENRI UniversitySummer ProgrammeG12019-7-8 –
2019-7-20 (2 weeks)
20To be updated
JP12JapanMeiji UniversitySummer ProgrammeG12019-7-18 –
2019-7-31 (12days)
N/ATo be updated
KR1KoreaKyung Hee University
Global Collaborative Summer Programme
G12019-07-03 to 2019-07-26
(3 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
KR2KoreaKonkuk University
International Summer Programme (ISP)
Session 1: G1
Session 2: G1
2019-07-07 to 2019-07-27
(2 weeks)
2019-07-14 to 2019-07-27
( 2 weeks)
No Limit To be updated
KR3KoreaPai Chai University
International Summer School (PAISS)
G12019-07-29 to 2019-08-16
(3 weeks)
20To be updated
KR4KoreaUniversity of Seoul
International Summer School
G32019-06-25 to 2019-06-26
(5 weeks)
TBCTo be updated
KR5KoreaKorea University
International Summer Campus
G1/G2/G32019-06-25 to 2019-07-18
(4 weeks)
2019-06-25 to 2019-08-01
(6 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
KR6KoreaHanyang University
Hanyang International Summer School
G12019-07-01 to 2019-07-26
(4 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
ML1MalaysiaTaylor's University
Summer School Programme
G12019-08-04 to 2019-08-17
(2 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated>
NL1NetherlandsAmsterdam University of Applied Sciences
AUAS Summer School
G12019-07-01 to 2019-07-123 quota per courseTo be updated
NW1NorwayBI Norwegian Business SchoolInternational Summer Programme G12019-06-24 to 2019-07-19
(4 weeks)
5To be updated
PO1PolandSummer University Warsaw Warsaw School of Economics Students' Union - G12019-07-03 to 2017-07-17
(2 weeks)
15To be updated
PT1PortugalISCTE Summer School Lisbon G12019-06-01 to 2019-08-11
(depending on programmes)
No LimitTo be updated
PT2PortugalNova School of Business and Economics Summer at Nova G12018-07-02 to 2018-07-11
(10 days)
No LimitTo be updated
PT3PortugalVISUM Summer SchoolVISUM Summer SchoolG12019-07-04 to 2019-07-12
(1 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
PT4PortugalUniversity of CoimbraAmerican Foreign Academic Research(AFAR) – Tróia Summer SchoolG12019-06-15 to 2019-06-30
(2 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
RU1RussiaRussia New UniversitySummer ProgramG12019-07-01 to 2019-07-19
(3 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
SG1SingaporeNanyang Technological UniversityGEM Trailblazer summer NTU - Summer Programmes - G1: 3AUs
G2: 6AUs
2019-06-18 to 2019-08-01
(depending on courses)
No LimitTo be updated
SG2SingaporeNanyang Technological University College of Professional and Continuing EducationG12019-07-08 to 2019-07-19
(2 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
SP1SpainCEU SAN PABLO UNIVERSITYSummer UniversityG22017-06-25 to 2017-07-30
(5 weeks)
TBCTo be updated
SP2SpainUniversidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)Summer School of Economics and BusinessG12019-06-24 to 2019-07-19
(4 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
UK1United KingdomUniversity of OxfordInternational Politics Summer SchoolG22019-08-04 to 2019-08-17
(2 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
UK2United KingdomUniversity of CambridgeInternational Summer SchoolG1/G2/G32019-07-07 to 2019-08-17
(1-6 weeks) (depending on courses)
No LimitTo be updated
UK3United KingdomSummer Institute at Oriel College Oxford & Cambridge Summer InstituteSummer InstituteG32019-07-07 to 2019-08-03 (4 weeks; Session I)
2019-07-21 to 2019-08-17 (4 weeks; Session II)
No LimitTo be updated
UK4United KingdomUniversity of Warwick Warwick Summer School in LondonG22019-07-14 to 2019-08-03No LimitTo be updated
UK5United KingdomUniversity College London (UCL) Summer SchoolG3Session I:
2019-07-01 to 2019-07-19
Session II:
2019-07-22 to 2019-08-09
No LimitTo be updated
UK6United KingdomUniversity of LeedsInternational Summer SchoolG1/G2/G32019-07-06 to 2019-08-03No LimitTo be updated
UK7United Kingdom Edge Hill UniversityEnglish Language Summer ProgrammeG22019-07-01 to 2019-07-19
2019-07-29 to 2019-08-16
No LimitTo be updated
US1United StatesUniversity of California BerkeleySummer SessionsG3Session A: 2019-05-28 to 2019-07-05
Session B: 2019-06-10 to 2019-08-16
Session C: 2019-06-24 to 2019-08-16
Session D: 2019-07-08 to 2019-08-16
Session E: 2019-07-29 to 2019-08-16
No LimitTo be updated
US2United StatesUniversity of California IrvineUCI Summer SessionG3Session I:
2019-06-22 to 2019-08-02
(6 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
US3United StatesGeorgia State UniversitySummer InstituteSummer Institute: G3
Summer Institute:
2019-06-30 to 2019-08-01
2019-07-18 to 2019-08-01
No LimitTo be updated
US4United statesSusquehanna University Summer English Language Course and Credited CourseG1/G2/G3ELL Intensive class: 2019-06-17 to 2019-08-02
Intensive Summer Session I: 2019-05-20 to 2019-06-15
Intensive Summer Session II: 2019-07-08 to 2019-08-02
Regular Summer Session: 2019-06-17 to 2019-08-02
No LimitTo be updated
US5United StatesTemple University Intensive English Language ProgramG3ACT& Super-Intensive English: 2019-07-07 to 2019-08-03
Graduate Academic English: 2019-07-22 to 2019-08-16
No limit
To be updated
US6United StatesStony Brook University Global Summer InstituteG3Global Certificate Program:
2019-07-08 to 2019-07-26
Global Academic Program:
2019-07-08 to 2019-08-16
Intensive English Program:
2019-07-08 to 2019-08-16
No LimitTo be updated
US7United StatesThe George Washington University Summer at GWG3General Study – Session I:
2019-05-20 to 2019-06-29
General Study – Session II:
2019-07-01 to 2019-08-10
Research Experience:
2019-07-01 to 2019-08-10
No LimitTo be updated
US8United StatesBoston UniversitySummer TermG3Session 1:
2019-05-21 to 2019-06-28
Session 2:
2019-07-01 to 2019-08-09
No LimitTo be updated
US9United StatesUniversity of ColoradoBoulderIntensive English ProgramG3Full Summer Session:
2019-06-05 to 2019-08-01
Half Summer Session:
2019-07-03 to 2019-08-01
No LimitTo be updated
US10United StatesSyracuse UniversityVisiting International Summer ProgramG3Session I: 2019-05-20 to 2019-06-28
Session II: 2019-07-01 to 2019-08-09
Combined Session: 2019-05-20 to 2019-08-09
No LimitTo be updated
US11United StatesWashington University in St. LouisSummer SchoolG32019-06-07 to 2019-07-13 (Session A)
2019-07-12 to 2018-08-16 (Session B)
No LimitTo be updated
US12United StatesUniversity of VirginiaSummer ProgrammeG3Session II:
2019-06-10 to 2019-07-06
Session III:
2019-07-08 to 2019-08-02
Eight-Week Session:
2019-06-10 to 2019-08-12
No LimitTo be updated
US13United StatesUniversity of South Carolina International Hospitality and Tourism AcademyG32019-07-08 to 2019-07-28
(3 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated