AS1Australia University of Queensland Intensive English Language Studies Programme 2024-07-15-2024-08-16Updated
AU1AustriaUniversity of Vienna International Summer Programme 2024-07-13 to 2024-08-10Updated
AU2AustriaUniversity of Salzburg
Asian-Austrian-European Summer School
2024-07-12 to 2024-08-06Updated
Explore European Diversity

Explore European Diversity
Option 1: 2024-05-26 to 2024-06-14
Option 2: 2024-05-26 to 2024-06-08
CA1Canada University of Victoria
International Summer Institute for Business Management (ISIBM)
SGBS: 2024-06-17 to 2024-07-25
ISIBM A: 2024-07-04 to 2024-07-25
CA2CanadaUniversity of British Columbia
Vancouver Summer Programs
June: 2024-06-07 to 2024-07-07
July: 2024-07-12 to 2023-08-12
CA3CanadaUniversity of British Columbia
English Language Institute
June: 2024-06-03 to 2024-06-28
July: 2024-07-02 to 2024-07-26
CN1ChinaRenmin University of China 中國人民大學
International Summer School (ISS)
2024-07-01 to 2024-07-19Updated
CN5ChinaPeking University 北京大學
Summer School International

Session A: 2024-07-01 to 2024-07-12
Session B: 2024-07-15 to 2024-07-26
Session A+B: 2024-07-01 to 2024-07-26
Shanghai Jiaotong University 上海交通大學

Summer School
2024-06-24 to 2024-07-12Updated
Jinan University 暨南大學

Summer Session

2024-06-24 to 2024-07-26Updated
University of International Business and Economics 對外經濟貿易大學

Summer School
June: 2024-06-03 to 2023-06-28
July: 2024-07-01 to 2024-07-26
Zhejiang University 浙江大學

ZJU Global Program
2024-07-1 to 2024-07-19Updated
CNHK1China (Hong Kong)The University of Hong Kong
The University of Hong Kong Summer Programme
2024-06-17 to 2024-08-07 (depends on the courses)Updated
CNHK2China (Hong Kong)The Chinese University of Hong Kong International Summer School (ISS) Summer2024-06-23 to 2024-07-31Updated
FR1-1FranceIESEG School of Management International Summer Academy2024-06-17 to 2024-06-28Updated
FR1-2FranceIESEG School of Management Fashion Business2024-06-17 to 2024-06-28Updated
FR1-3FranceIESEG School of Management Digital Marketing2024-06-17 to 2024-06-28Updated
FR1-4FranceIESEG School of Management Entrepreneurship and Innovation2024-06-17 to 2024-06-28Updated
FR1-5FranceIESEG School of Management Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability2024-06-17 to 2024-06-28Updated
FR4-1FranceRennes School of Business Consumer Behaviour2024-05-21 to 2024-05-30Updated
FR4-2FranceRennes School of Business Cross-Cultural ManagementS1: 2024-06-04 to 2024-06-13
S2: 2024-06-16 to 2024-06-25
FR4-3FranceRennes School of Business Sustainable Business2024-06-18 to 2024-06-27Updated
FR5FranceESSCAParis Summer Programme2024-06-16 to 2024-07-06Updated
FR6FranceUniversite Catholique De Lille European Summer ProgramESP1: 2024-05-22 to 2024-06-20
ESP2: 2024-06-26 to 2024-07-24
FR8FranceESSCAAix-en-Provence Summer Programme2024-06-16 to 2024-07-13Updated
FR9FranceESSCABordeaux Summer Programme2024-06-16 to 2024-07-06Updated
FR10-1FranceNEOMA Business SchoolSport Federations and Major Events Management Programme2024-06-24 to 2024-07-12Updated
FR10-2FranceNEOMA Business SchoolHospitality and Gastronomy Programme2024-06-03 to 2024-06-14Updated

Olympia Summer Academy
2024-07-09 to 2024-07-12Updated
GM1GermanyUniversity of Kassel
International Summer University [ISU]
2024-06-22 to 2024-07-20Updated
GM2GermanyOtto Beisheim School of Management
European Bachelor Summer Institute
2024-05-26 to 2024-06-14Updated
GM4Germany University of Tübingen
International & European Studies Summer Program
2024-05-31 to 2024-06-28Updated
GM5GermanyTU Berlin University
TU Berlin Summer University
Term 1: 2024-07-01 to 2024-07-12
Term 2: 2024-07-15 to 2024-08-09
HG1HungaryESSCABudapest Summer Programme2024-06-24 to 2024-07-19Updated
JP1JapanRitsumeikan University
Ritsumeikan Summer Programme
RSJP1: 2024-05-21 to 2024-06-21
RSJP2: 2024-07-09 to 2024-08-09
RSJP Exp: 2024-07-23 to 2024-08-02
JP3JapanWaseda University
Summer Session
2024-06-14 to 2024-07-27Updated
JP4JapanKwansei Gakuin University
KGU Summer School / Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Study Program
JP4-2: 2024-07-17 to 2024-08-05Updated
JP6JapanSophia University
Summer Session for Japanese Language
2024-06-28 to 2024-07-19Updated
JP7JapanKyoto Women's University
Summer Program
To be announcedTo be updated
JP8JapanJ.F. Oberlin University Summer ProgrammeSession 1: 2024-06-15 to 2024-06-29
Session 2: 2024-06-29 to 2024-07-13
Session 3; 2024-07-13 to 2024-07-27
JP10JapanTENRI University Summer Programme2024-07-08 to 2024-07-20Updated
JP11JapanMeiji University Meiji University – Cool Japan Summer Program2024-07-29 to 2024-08-09Updated
JP13JapanAkita International University Akita International University – AIU Summer Program 20242024-06-17 to 2024-07-26Updated
JP14JapanThe University of TokyoThe University of TokyoTerm 0: 2024-06-10 to 2024-06-14
Term 1: 2024-06-17 to 2024-06-28
Term 2: 2024-07-01 to 2024-07-12
Term 3: 2024-07-16 to 2024-07-26
KR1KoreaKyung Hee University
Global Collaborative Summer Programme
2024-06-25 to 2024-07-19
KR2KoreaKonkuk UniversityKonkuk University2024-07-02 to 2024-07-26Updated
KR4KoreaUniversity of Seoul
International Summer School
Summer School I: 2024-6-30 to 2024-7-28
Summer School II: 2024-08-04 to 2024-08-17
KR5KoreaKorea UniversityKorea University Session 1:2024-06-26 to 2024-08-01 (6 weeks)
Session 2: 2024-06-26 to 2024-07-18 (4 weeks)
KR6Korea Hanyang University
Hanyang International Summer School
2024-06-17 to 2024-07-26Updated
KR7KoreaSeoul National University2024 SNU International Summer Program (ISP)2024-06-24 to 2024-07-26Updated
NW1NorwayBI Norwegian Business School Summer School at BI 2024-06-24 to 2024-07-12Updated
PO1PolandSummer University WarsawWarsaw School of Economics – Summer University Warsaw1-14 July 2024Updated
PT1Portugal ISCTE Summer School Lisbon 2024-06-02 to 2024-08-01
(depending on the course)
SG1SingaporeNanyang Technological University GEM Trailblazer summer NTU - Summer Programmes - 2024-06-26 to 2024-07-27
(depending on the course)
SG3SingaporeSingapore Management University Singapore Management University2024-06-24 to 2024-07-19Updated
SG4SingaporeNational University of SingaporeFASStrack Asia Summer School2024-07-01 to 2024-07-19Updated
SP2-1SpainUniversidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) Summer School of Economics and Business2024-07-01 to 2024-07-26Updated
SP2-2SpainUniversidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) Summer School of in Tourism, International Hospitality and Attractions Management2024-07-15 to 2024-07-26Updated
SP3SpainUniversitat Autònoma de BarcelonaUAB Barcelona Summer School1st period: 2024-06-25 to 2024-07-12
2nd period: 2024-07-15 to 2024-08-02
ST1SwitzerlandUniversity of Zurich UZH International Schools2024-07-01 to 2024-07-19Updated
UK1United KingdomUniversity of Oxford International Politics Summer School2024-07-28 to 2024-08-10Updated
UK2United KingdomUniversity of Cambridge International Summer School2024-07-07 to 2024-08-03
(1-4 weeks) (depending on courses)
UK3United KingdomUniversity of Warwick Warwick Summer School in London2024-07-14 to 2024-08-03Updated
UK4United KingdomUniversity College London (UCL) Summer School Session 1: 2024-06-24 to 2024-07-12
Session 2: 2024-07-15 to 2024-08-02
UK5United KingdomUniversity of Leeds International Summer SchoolBlock 1: 2024-06-29 to 2024-07-13
Block 2: 2024-07-14 to 2024-07-27
UK6United KingdomEdge Hill University International Summer SchoolBlock 1: 2024-07-08 to 2024-07-19
Block 2: 2024-07-22 to 2024-08-02
UK8United KingdomUniversity of Oxford, Lady Margaret HallSummer ProgrammesSession 1: 2024-06-24 to 2024-07-12
Session 2: 2024-07-15 to 2024-08-02
UK9United KingdomUniversity of Oxford, Oriel College Summer Institute Session I: 2024-06-30 to 2024-07-13
Session II: 2024-07-14 to 2024-07-27
Session III: 2024-07-28 to 2024-08-10
UK10United KingdomUniversity of Oxford – Worcester CollegeOxford Certificate Programmes at Worcester CollegeSession 0: 2024-07-14 to 2024-07-27
Session I: 2024-07-28 to 2024-08-10
UK11United KingdomLancaster UniversityGlobal Summer Schools2024-07-08 to 2024-07-26Updated
UK12United KingdomKing's College LondonKing's Undergraduate Summer School Session 1: 2024-07-01 to 2024-07-12
Session 2: 2024-07-15 to 2024-07-26
US1United StatesUniversity of California, BerkeleySummer SessionsSession A: 2024-05-20 to 2024-06-28
Session B: 2024-06-03 to 2024-08-09
Session C: 2024-06-17 to 2024-08-09
Session D: 2024-07-01 to 2024-08-09
Session E: 2024-07-22 to 2024-08-09
Session F: 2024-07-01 to 2024-07-19
Session 12W: 2024-05-20 to 2024-08-09
US2United StatesUniversity of California, IrvineUCI Summer SessionSession 1: 2024-06-24 to 2024-08-01Updated
US3-1United StatesGeorgia State University Summer Institute2024-07-01 to 2024-08-01Updated
US3-2United StatesGeorgia State University Summer Sessions2024-07-18 to 2024-08-01Updated
US5-1United StatesTemple UniversityAmerican Culture at Temple University4 weeks: 2024-07-06 to 2024-08-03
3 weeks: 2024-07-06 to 2024-07-29
2 weeks: 2024-07-06 to 2024-07-22
US5-2United StatesTemple University Graduate Academic English Program2024-07-22 to 2024-08-16Updated
US6-1United StatesStony Brook University Global Certificate Program2024-07-08 to 2024-07-19Updated
US6-2United StatesStony Brook University Global Academic Program2024-07-08 to 2024-08-16Updated
US6-3United StatesStony Brook University Intensive English Program2024-07-08 to 2024-08-15Updated
US8United StatesBoston University Summer TermSession 1: 2024-05-21 to 2024-06-28
Session 2: 2024-07-01 to 2024-08-09
US9United StatesUniversity of Colorado Boulder Intensive English ProgramFull session: 2024-05-29 to 2024-07-24
1st half session: 2024-05-29 to 2024-06-28
2nd half session: 2024-07-01 to 2024-07-26
US12United StatesUniversity of Virginia Summer SessionsSession I: 2024-05-20 to 2024-06-15
Session II: 2024-06-17 to 2024-07-13
Session III: 2024-07-15 to 2024-08-09
8-Week Session: 2024-06-17 to 2024-08-09
US14United StatesCornell UniversityCICER Summer Program2024-07-15 to 2024-08-02Updated
US15-1United StatesYale UniversityYale Summer SessionsSession A: 2024-05-27 to 2024-06-28
Session B: 2024-07-01 to 2024-08-02
US15-2United StatesYale UniversityEnglish Language Institute2024-07-01 to 2024-08-02Updated