AS1AustraliaUniversity of Queensland Intensive English Language Studies Programme G22020-06-08 to 2020-07-10
(5 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
AS2AustraliaUniversity of Queensland Queensland in July G22020-06-29 to 2020-07-18
(3 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
AU1AustriaUniversity of ViennaInternational Summer Programme G1/G22020-07-18 to 2020-08-01
(2 weeks)/
2020-07-18 to 2020-08-15
(4 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
AU2AustriaUniversity of Salzburg
Asian-Austrian-European Summer School
G22020-07-16 to 2020-08-13
(4 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
BE1BelgiumUniversité Libre de Bruxelles and the European Criminal Law Academic Network
The EU Area of Criminal Justice
G12020-06-29 to 2020-07-03
(5 days)
No LimitTo be updated
CA1CanadaUniversity of Victoria
International Summer Institute for Business Management (ISIBM)
G32020-07-03 to 2020-07-27 (Undergraduate)
2020-06-22 to 2020-07-17 (Graduate)
No LimitTo be updated
CA2CanadaUniversity of British Columbia
Vancouver Summer Programs
G32020-06-06 to 2020-07-06
2020-07-11 to 2020-08-11
No LimitTo be updated
CA3CanadaUniversity of British Columbia
English for the Global Citizen (EGC)
G22020-06-08 to 2020-07-03
2020-07-06 to 2020-07-31
No LimitTo be updated
CA4CanadaMcGill University
McGill International Summer Program
G3Not available in 2020No LimitTo be updated
CA5CanadaWilfrid Laurier UniversityLEAF Business English ProgramG12020-07-27 to 2020-08-21No LimitTo be updated
CN1ChinaRenmin University of China 中國人民大學
International Summer School (ISS)
G12020-06-27 to 2020-07-24
(4 weeks)
No Limit
2-tuition-fee-waived quota
To be updated
CN2ChinaSun Yat-Sen University 中山大學
International Summer Program
G12019-07-21 to 201-08-4No LimitTo be updated
CN3ChinaÉcole Supérieure des Sciences Commerciales d'Angers (ESSCA)
Shanghai Summer Programme
G22020-06-08 to 2020-07-17(5 weeks)2To be updated
CN4ChinaBeihang University
International Summer School (ISS)
G12020-06-27 to 2020-07-2410To be updated
CNTW1China (Taiwan)Chiao Tung University 交通大學
NCTU Summer Programme
G12020-07-06 to 2019-07-24No LimitTo be updated
CNTW2China (Taiwan)Chengchi University 政治大學
NCCU International Summer School (ISS) 政治大學國際夏日課程
G12020-07-01 to 2020-08-01
3To be updated
CNTW3China (Taiwan)Taiwan Normal University 臺灣師範大學
Mandarin Study Tour
G12020-06-17 to 2020-07-07/
2020-07-08 to 2020-07-28/
2020-07-29 to 2020-08-18
No LimitTo be updated
CNTW4China (Taiwan)Taiwan University 臺灣大學
NTU Plus Academy
G22020 June to August (Depends on the session you choose)No LimitTo be updated
FR1FranceIESEG School of ManagementSummer ProgramsG2Summer Academy:
2020-07-06 to 2020-07-31
Fashion Business:
2020-07-06 to 2020-07-17
Digital Marketing:
2020-07-06 to 2020-07-17
Entrepreneurship and Innovation:
2020-07-06 to 2020-07-17
No LimitTo be updated
FR2FranceESSCAAngers Summer ProgrammeG3
2020-06-10 to 2020-07-09 (4 weeks)2To be updated
ESCE and INSEEC U Summer Certificate Programmes, Paris Campus
G1/G22020-07-02 to 2020-07-30No LimitTo be updated
FR4FranceESC Rennes School of BusinessSummer SchoolG1/G2FR4-1: 2020-06-09 to 2020-06-19
FR4-2: 2020-05-26 to 2020-06-05
FR4-3: 2020-05-18 to 2020-06-06
(include 3 courses, each course takes around 1 week, students can choose how many course to take)
FR4-1: 10 (tuition waived)
FR4-2: 10 (tuition waived)
FR4-3: No limit
To be updated
Paris Summer Programme
G1/G22020-06-15 to 2020-07-09
(4 weeks)
Pairing 1 or Pairing 2: 2
Pairing 3: No limit
To be updated
FR6FranceUniversite Catholique De Lille
European Summer Programme
G22020-05-25 to 2020-06-23
2020-06-25 to 2020-07-24
No LimitTo be updated
FR7FranceICN Business School
ICN Summer Program
G22020-06-15 to 2020-06-30No LimitTo be updated
Olympia Summer Academy
G12020-07-06 to 2020-07-15
(10 days)
No LimitTo be updated
GM1GermanyUniversity of Kassel
International Summer University [ISU]
G12020-06-20 to 2020-07-17
(4 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
GM2GermanyOtto Beisheim School of Management
European Bachelor Summer Institute
G22020-05-24 to 2020-06-12No LimitTo be updated
GM3GermanyUniversity of Bremen
International Summer Language Courses
G12020-07-20 to 2020-08-1415To be updated
GM4GermanyUniversity of Tübingen
International & European Studies Summer Program
G12020-06-08 to 2020-07-045To be updated
GM5GermanyTU Berlin University
TU Berlin Summer University
G1/G2/G3Term 1: 2020-06-08 to 2020-07-03
Term 2: 2020-07-06 to 2020-07-17
Term 3: 2020-07-20 to 2020-08-14
5 per courseTo be updated
GM6GermanyEBS University
Bachelor and Master Session
G3Not available in 2020No LimitTo be updated
Budapest Summer Programme
G12020-06-29 to 2020-07-24
(4 weeks)
4To be updated
IR2IsraelInnovNation - Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program in Israel,
Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program in Israel - Summer -
G2 (One course)
G3 (Two courses)
2020-06-29 to 2020-07-23
(4 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
Summer Programmes
G1/G2/G3IT1-1: TBC
IT1-2: 2019-07 (Dates depend on the week you choose)
No limitTo be updated
JP1JapanRitsumeikan University
Ritsumeikan Summer Programme
JP1-1: G2
JP1-2: G1
2020-6-29 to 2020-07-31 (5 weeks)
2020-07-20 to
JP1-1: 4
JP1-2: No limit
To be updated
JP3JapanWaseda University
Summer Session
G32020-6-19 to
2To be updated
JP4JapanKwansei Gakuin University
KGU Summer School / Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Study Program
Option1(A,B): G2
Option 2: G1
Option 1: 2020-06-05 to 2020-07-9
Option 2: 2020-07-15 to 2020-08-04
JP4 option 1A & 1B : 4
JP4 option 2: 4
To be updated
JP6JapanSophia University
Summer Session for Japanese Language
2020-06-14 to 2020-07-0215To be updated
JP8JapanJ.F. Oberlin UniversitySummer ProgrammeG2/G3(Session 1) 2020-6-13 to 2020-6-27
(Session 2) 2020-06-27 to 2020-07-11
(Session 3) 2020-07-11 to 2020-07-25
No limitTo be updated
JP9JapanKeio University Summer ProgrammeG2/G3 (depend on accommodation)Late May - late July (2 months)TBCTo be updated
JP10JapanTENRI UniversitySummer ProgrammeG12020-7-8 to
2020-7-20 (2 weeks)
20To be updated
JP12JapanRitsumeikan Asia Pacific UniversityRitsumeikan Asia Pacific University – APU Summer Gateway ProgramG22020-6-23 to
2020-8-2 (1 month)
No LimitTo be updated
KR1KoreaKyung Hee University
Global Collaborative Summer Programme
G12020-06-24 to 2020-07-17
(3 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
KR2KoreaKonkuk University
International Summer Programme (ISP)
G12020-07-13 to 2020-08-01(2 weeks)No LimitTo be updated
KR3KoreaPai Chai University
International Summer School (PAISS)
G12019-07-29 to 2019-08-16
(3 weeks)
20To be updated
KR4KoreaUniversity of Seoul
International Summer School
G32019-06-25 to 2019-06-26
(5 weeks)
TBCTo be updated
KR5KoreaKorea University
International Summer Campus
G1/G2/G32020-06-30 to 2020-07-23
(4 weeks)
2020-06-30 to 2019-08-06
(6 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
KR6KoreaHanyang University
Hanyang International Summer School
G12020-07-04 to 2020-07-31
(4 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
ML1MalaysiaTaylor's University
Summer School Programme
G12020-08-02 to 2020-08-15
(2 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
NL1NetherlandsAmsterdam University of Applied Sciences
AUAS Summer School
G12020-07-06 to 2020-07-175 quota per courseTo be updated
NW1NorwayBI Norwegian Business SchoolInternational Summer Programme G12020-06-22 to 2020-07-17
(4 weeks)
5To be updated
PO1PolandSummer University Warsaw Warsaw School of Economics Students' Union - G12020-07-03 to 2020-07-16
(2 weeks)
TBCTo be updated
PT1PortugalISCTE Summer School Lisbon G12020-05-31 to 2020-08-08
(depending on programmes)
No LimitTo be updated
PT2PortugalNova School of Business and Economics Summer at Nova G1Not available in 2020No LimitTo be updated
PT3PortugalVISUM Summer SchoolVISUM Summer SchoolG12020-07-02 to 2020-07-10
(1 week)
No LimitTo be updated
PT4PortugalTróia Summer SchoolAmerican Foreign Academic Research(AFAR) – Tróia Summer SchoolG12020-06-07 to 2020-06-21
(2 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
RU1RussiaRussian New UniversitySummer ProgramG12020-06-27 to 2020-07-17
(3 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
SG1SingaporeNanyang Technological UniversityGEM Trailblazer summer NTU - Summer Programmes - G1: 3AUs
G2: 6AUs
2020-06-17 to 2020-07-31
(depending on courses)
No LimitTo be updated
SG2SingaporeNanyang Technological University College of Professional and Continuing EducationG12020-07-08 to 2020-07-18
(2 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
SP1SpainCEU SAN PABLO UNIVERSITYSummer UniversityG2Not available in 2020
TBCTo be updated
SP2SpainUniversidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)Summer School of Economics and BusinessG12020-06-29 to 2020-07-24
(4 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
UK1United KingdomUniversity of OxfordInternational Politics Summer SchoolG22020-08-02 to 2020-08-15
(2 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
UK2United KingdomUniversity of CambridgeInternational Summer SchoolG1/G2/G32020-07-05 to 2020-08-15
(1-6 weeks) (depending on courses)
No LimitTo be updated
UK3United KingdomUniversity of Warwick Warwick Summer School in LondonG22020-07-19 to 2020-08-08No LimitTo be updated
UK4United KingdomUniversity College London (UCL) Summer SchoolG3Session I:
2020-06-29 to 2020-07-17
Session II:
2020-07-20 to 2020-08-07
No LimitTo be updated
UK5United KingdomUniversity of LeedsInternational Summer SchoolG1/G2/G32020-07-04 to 2020-08-01No LimitTo be updated
UK6United KingdomEdge Hill UniversityEnglish Language Summer ProgrammeG22020-06-29 to 2020-07-17
2020-07-27 to 2020-08-14
No LimitTo be updated
UK7United KingdomUniversity of StrathclydeUniversity of Strathclyde Summer ProgrammeG1Language, Communication & Culture: 2020-07-12 to 2020-07-25
Psychology, Innovation and Technology: 2020- 06-28 to 2020-07-11
TBCTo be updated
US1United StatesUniversity of California BerkeleySummer SessionsG3Session A: 2020-05-26 to 2020-07-02
Session B: 2020-06-08 to 2020-08-14
Session C: 2020-06-22 to 2020-08-14
Session D: 2020-07-06 to 2020-08-14
Session E: 2020-07-27 to 2020-08-14
Session F: 2020-07-06 to 2020-07-24
Session 12W: 2020-05-26 to 2020-08-14
No LimitTo be updated
US2United StatesUniversity of California IrvineUCI Summer SessionG3Session I:
2020-06-22 to 2020-07-27

No LimitTo be updated
US3United StatesGeorgia State UniversitySummer Institute & Summer SessionsG1/G3Summer Institute:
2020-07-10 to 2020-08-09
English Summer Session:
2020-07-22 to 2020-08-05
Robotics Summer Session:
2020-07-22 to 2020-08-05
Biology Summer Session:
2020-07-22 to 2020-08-05
No LimitTo be updated
US4United statesSusquehanna University Summer English Language Course and Credited CourseG1/G2/G3ELL Intensive class: 2019-06-17 to 2019-08-02
Intensive Summer Session I: 2019-05-20 to 2019-06-15
Intensive Summer Session II: 2019-07-08 to 2019-08-02
Regular Summer Session: 2019-06-17 to 2019-08-02
No LimitTo be updated
US5United StatesTemple UniversityShort-Term ProgramsG2/G3ACT: 2020-07-05 to 2020-08-01
Super-Intensive English:
2020-07-05 to 2020-08-01
Graduate Academic English: 2020-07-20 to 2020-08-14
No limit
To be updated
US6United StatesStony Brook UniversityGlobal Summer InstituteG3Global Certificate Program:
2020-07-06 to 2020-07-24
Global Academic Program:
2020-07-06 to 2020-08-14
Intensive English Program:
2020-07-06 to 2020-08-13
No LimitTo be updated
US7United StatesThe George Washington University International SummerG3General Study – Session II:
2020-06-29 to 2020-08-08
Research Experience:
2020-06-29 to 2020-08-08
2-Week Summer Seminar (June):
2020-06-14 to 2020-06-26
2-Week Summer Seminar (July):
2020-07-05 to 2020-07-16
No LimitTo be updated
US8United StatesBoston UniversitySummer TermG3Session 1:
2020-05-20 to 2020-07-01
Session 2:
2020-07-06 to 2020-08-14
12-week session: 2020-05-20 to 2020-08-14
No LimitTo be updated
US9United StatesUniversity of ColoradoBoulder Intensive English ProgramG3Full Summer Session:
2020-06-03 to 2020-07-30
Half Summer Session:
2020-07-01 to 2020-07-30
No LimitTo be updated
US10United StatesSyracuse UniversityVisiting International Summer ProgramG3Session II: 2020-06-29 to 2020-08-07No LimitTo be updated
US11United StatesWashington University in St. LouisInternational Summer StudyG32020-07-10 to 2020-08-14No LimitTo be updated
US12United StatesUniversity of VirginiaSummer ProgrammeG3Session II:
2020-06-15 to 2020-07-11
Session III:
2020-07-13 to 2020-08-07
Eight-Week Session:
2020-06-15 to 2020-08-07
No LimitTo be updated
US13United StatesUniversity of South Carolina International Hospitality and Tourism AcademyTwo-week course: G2
Three-week course: G3
2020-07-13 to 2020-07-25
(2 weeks)
2020-07-06 to 2020-07-25
(3 weeks)
No LimitTo be updated
US14United StatesCornell University CICER - Summer Program in Economics and BusinessG32020-07-15 to 2020-08-04No LimitTo be updated