(Last Updated On: September 9, 2020)
SAO Programme CodeAS1
SAO Programme TypeG2*
Programme Period8 June to 10 July 2020 (5 weeks)
U Macau Application Deadline 21 February 2020
QuotaNo Limit
Responsible StaffIves Ma (ivesma@um.edu.mo)
  • GE/AECS General English and Advanced English Communication Skills
  • EIBC English for International Business Communication
  • EAP English for Academic Purposes
Programme Fee
  • Enrolment Fee: AUD$220
  • 5 Weeks Course Fee: AUD$2,200
  • Course Materials: AUD$100
  • Homestay Placement Fee (Optional): AUD$270
  • Homestay Accommodation – 5 weeks (Optional): AUD$1,350
  • Airport Pickup (Optional): AUD$110 from Brisbane Airport
English Requirement
  • Class GE4 (IELTS  5.0 (No sub-score <4.5) / TOFEL IBT 56 (S:13 L,R:9 W:15))
  • Class GE5/EIBC I/EAP II  (IELTS  5.5 (No sub-score <5) / TOFEL IBT 70 (S:15 L,R:12 W:17))
  • Class GE6/EIBC II/EAP III  (IELTS 6 (No sub-score <5.5) / TOFEL IBT 78 (S,L,R:17 W:19))

*Students are tested on the first day of their course to determine their GE class level.

Other Requirement

*SAO reserves the right to change the programme type/amount of sponsorship based on the actual expenses spent during the trip

(Very Unsatisfied 1 – 4 Very Satisfied)

Overall experience  : 3.33

Visa Application
– Procedure of the application: 3.3
– The length of the application: 3.4
– The attitude of the staff in consulate/embassy: 3.4

  • Participants can apply Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) instead of student visa.
  • Please don’t apply visa from TaoBao (淘宝). They are not reliable.

Programme Arrangement
– Course Intensity (Very intensive 1 – 4 Not intensive): 2.6
– Payment of programme fee: 3.2
– Course arrangement: 3.1
– Airport pick up service: 3.04
– The entertainment of extra activities: 3.18

  • Pick-up service is expensive. Students may take Uber or bus to campus as it is cheaper.
  • Participants only have class in the morning so they have plenty of free-time in the afternoon. However, shops close at 17:30.
  • EIBC course is really useful as it is closely related to business workplace language.
  • Speaking activities and writing assignments really help to improve my English.

Accommodation (Homestay)
– The price: 3.2
– The location: 3.2
– The cleanliness: 3.4
– The Facilities: 3.4
– The attitude of staff: 3.3

  • The location of the homestay family is far away from campus. It takes 40-50 mins up to a maximum of 60-70 mins by bus or train.
  • Class starts at 8:15 so we need to wake up at 6:30 in the morning and catch the bus at 7:10.
  • Homestay may not fully reach to your requirement

– The price: 3
– The taste: 3.1
Comments: limited choices and it is a bit expensive (AUD$50 per week)


  • ATMs in Australia support Union debit cards
  • The course is very useful to improve your English
  • Homestay is a good living experience