(Last Updated On: March 19, 2021)
SAO Programme CodeJP13
SAO Programme TypeG1
Programme PeriodJune 16, 2021 – July 27, 2021
U Macau Application Deadline

20 Mar 2021*

(Since the nomination deadline of the host university is earlier than UM application deadline, student need to apply by 24 Mar 2021, late application after 24 Mar will not be accepted)

Quota 2
Responsible StaffLavina Cheong (lavinacheong@um.edu.mo)
Courses(Online Programme) Click here for Syllabus
Programme Fee197,000 JPY
(Breakdown: 28,200 JPY / Admission Fee, 70,000 JPY / Program Fee,
88,800 JPY / Tuition Fee, 10,000 JPY / Processing Fee)
English Requirement 
Other Requirement

-Nominated by UM

-Beginner level of Japanese Language proficiency and prior study experience required (of least one semester).

-cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average) of 2.50 or higher on a 4.0 scale.


*SAO reserves the right to change the programme type/amount of sponsorship based on the actual expenses spent on the programme

(Very Unsatisfied 1 – 4 Very Satisfied)

Overall experience  : 4

Visa Application
– Procedure of the application: 1
– The length of the application: 2
– The attitude of the staff in consulate/embassy: 3

Programme Arrangement
– Course Intensity (Very intensive 1 – 4 Not intensive): 2
– Payment of programme fee: 3
– Course arrangement: 4
– Airport pick up service: 4

“In the beginning, we were divided into four classes, and learnt Japanese words and grammars and took conversations in the morning and University of Ritsumeikan”

“In this program, the most memorable thing for me is that I have met many foreign friends from over the world who want to learn Japanese and culture and lived together for one month.”

“They distribute us into different fundamental Japanese language class according to our basic knowledge.”

“They also offer any kinds of activities in order to learn the Japanese pop culture. Like
field trip, we are able to travel to the Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion), and Fushimi-Inari

Accommodation (Off campus)
– The price: 3
– The location: 3.5
– The cleanliness: 4
– The Facilities: 4
– The attitude of staff: 4

– The price: 3.5
– The taste: 4