• Cumulated GPA >= 2.0 or equivalent
  • UM current student
  • A nomination from the University of Macau is required
  • Consent from parents/legal guardians
  • Attend the pre-departure briefing and complete the debriefing survey after the trip
  • Attend the entire programme and follow its requirements
  • After you submit the confirmation of participation (after March 8) to the Student Affairs Office, if you:
    – do not complete the official application with the host University;
    – withdraw from the programme;
    – do not inform the Student Affairs Office about your withdrawal.
    You will be subjected to an administrative fee of MOP1,000 or disciplinary actions. You will not be nominated to join the 2025 Summer Programme. The fee will not be waived unless valid justifications (with supporting documents) are provided and approved by the Student Affairs Office.
    當你向學生事務部提交確認參與書後(3 月 8 日之後),如你:
    – 沒有提交與對方大學的正式申請;
    – 中途退出計劃;
    – 沒有通知學生事務部關於以上的安排
    你將需支付1,000澳門元的行政費用及有機會接受紀律處分,同時你亦將不會被提名參加 2025 年的暑期交流計劃。 除非你提供合理理由(及相關文件)給予學生事務部審批,否則費用不會被免除
  • Submit all the required documents and reports to the Student Affairs Office:
    – Passport, tuition fee payment, accommodation, flight/train/bus, insurance, etc
    (After you return)
    – Student without sponsorship: certificate and complete an online survey
    – Student with sponsorship: transcript, programme report, relevant receipts, and complete an online survey
    – If you fail to submit the required documents (after three email reminders), you will not be nominated to participate in 2025 summer programme
    – 護照、學費收據、住宿資料、航班/火車/巴士、保險等
    – 沒收取資助學生:提交證書並完成線上問卷
    – 獲得資助的學生:成績單、報告、相關收據,並完成線上問卷

    – 如果您一直未能提交所需文件(經三次電郵提醒後),您將不會被提名參加2025年暑期項目