(Last Updated On: April 8, 2021)

Students who have confriemd on applying for the UCB online summer sessions may proceed to the official application at UCB website now as the courses are with limited seats. Please also remember to submit application to SAO at the same time.

SAO Programme CodeUS1
SAO Programme TypeG1-G3* (according to the numbers of units enrolled)
Programme PeriodSession B-Ten Weeks: 7 June – 13 August
Session C-Eight Weeks: 21 June – 13 August
Session D-Six Weeks: 6 July – 13 August
Session E-Three Weeks: 26 July – 13 August
Session F-Three Weeks: 6 July – 23 July
(Students will not be nominated to the Session A and Session 12W due to time clash with UM class dates)
U Macau Application Deadline
9 April, 2021
QuotaNo Limit
Responsible StaffKaman Hoi (kamanhoi@um.edu.mo)
Official WebsiteClick HERE
(Please visit the programme official website for the latest information)
CoursesA variety of courses for selection. Please refer to the UCB website for the full list of course. 
Programme Fee– Tuition (USD550 per unit, each course is usually with 1-4 units)
– Registration Fee (USD450)
– International Service Fee (waived)
– Document Management Fee (USD62)

Details of fees: Link

English RequirementPlease refer to the website for the English Proficiency Requirement (EPR): Link

*A testimonial (在學證明) issued by the Registry was accepted as an English proficiency document in the previous year if the medium of instruction of your major is English. Please choose the version of testimonial which states the medium of instruction and the document should be in English.

The document costs MOP55 and please allow 2 working days of processing time.

*SAO reserves the right to change the programme type/amount of sponsorship based on the actual expenses spent on the programme.

(Very Unsatisfied 1 – 4 Very Satisfied)

Overall experience  : 3.3

Programme Arrangement
– Course Intensity (Very intensive 1 – 4 Not intensive): 2.8
– Payment of programme fee: 3.1
– Course arrangement: 3.1
– Airport pick up service:  No
– Buddies: No
– The entertainment of extra activities: 3


1. The classroom in UCB was quite different from those in China. All seats are arranged in a half circle and the professor was surrounded by seats. The classroom is just like a court! With this arrangement, students sit closer to the professor and more interactions are needed. After class, we joined a school trip to the Grand Canyon, the Yellowstone National Park etc. The natural views in the U.S. really is beautiful and spectacular. I enjoyed a lot the life in the U.S.

2. I took two courses, one is international trade and the other is investments. The class is really funny and practical. At first, we need to spend some time to catch the speaking speed of the professors. They use many evidence and examples to support their ideas, which made class more vividly. Teachers encouraged and motivated students to ask questions and express their opinions. Students are very concentrated and they feel free to say anything they want to share with others.

Accommodation (off campus)
– The price: 2.7
– The location: 3.2
– The cleanliness: 2.6
– The Facilities: 2.9
– The attitude of staff: 3.5

Accommodation (on-campus)
– The price: 2.9
– The location: 3.3
– The cleanliness: 3.4
– The Facilities: 3.2
– The attitude of staff: 3.5

Accommodation (homestay)
– The price: 2.66
– The location: 3
– The cleanliness: 2.7
– The facilities: 2.7
– The attitude of staff: 3.3

Accommodation (other)
– The price: 2.3
– The location: 3.1
– The cleanliness: 2.5
– The Facilities: 2.4
– The attitude of staff: 2.8


1. I dwelt in International House inside the campus instead of renting house outside, which was really convenient and secure. International house offered tasty meals, well-suited facilities and a good platform for me to make friends with foreign students. It was near the downtown and abundant of shops, restaurants and bars. It was easy for me to take the free campus bus and bart.

2. I accommodated in the apartment off-campus with two roommates who are also from UM, but we encountered many difficulties about the rental issue. It’s difficult to rent an apartment for short-term because the normal rental duration is one year. Moreover, dealing with the contract and other rental legal procedures was very troublesome and tiring. So I will suggest students to stay with the dormitory of the university which is much easier and more convenient. Though it seems the cost is higher than renting an apartment outside, you will find it similar when you add up the utilities and expenses on furniture.

– The price: 2.5
– The taste: 2.6

Comments about food:

There are a lot of restaurants in the Berkeley town. You will not only find burger and pizza shops, you will also have the chance to tasty food from Asian countries, like Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean and India food.

Other comments:
1. During leisure time, we often rented a car or took Uber to visit the scenic spots around the city. For example, Yosemite, Golden Gate Bridge and so on. The weather is very comfortable. It’s cool in the morning and at night and a little hot at noon.

2. This is a very happy and constructional experience in University of California, Berkeley. It’s no doubt that the students in UC Berkeley are very diligent and hardworking! I love it. I love the atmosphere of the course. I have had wonderful times in US.

3. I have improved a lot with my English speaking joining this summer session. I became easier and confident to talk to local people. In addition, I have made many friends from different parts of the world. Besides from studying, I became more independent by cooking myself, traveling around the city on my own.