Latest Updates

(March 2, 2022)
Student who would like to participate in any face-to-face programme need to provide a proof of COVID-19 vaccinations (complete at least two doses 14 days before departure). Students who fail to provide the above proof (due to personal/medical reasons) will not be nominated to any face-to-face programmes

You can provide the proof to SAO (if you have already completed two doses) when you submit the confirmation form (provided by SAO) on April 13. If you are not vaccinated at this moment, or you have only completed one dose, you can provide the proof to SAO through email ( before departure.

Programme Updates

Face to Face June Session is postponed to July Session (July 18 to August 12, 2022)

Yale University is offering the following online courses:
– Yale Summer Online (US15-1)
– Postgraduate Seminar Online (US15-2)
– English for Academic Purposes Online (US15-3)

**General Briefing**
All participants should go through the information from our general briefing before you submit y our application. 

2022 Summer Programme Arrangement