(Last Updated On: January 17, 2020)

Date: Jan 15, 2020
ime: 12:00 – 18:30 (Opening Ceremony will be held at 12:00)
Venue: E31-1001, Student Activity Centre (SAC)

Student Affairs Office (SAO) invites you to join this exciting event to meet with 16 partner universities around the world. Don’t miss the chance to speak directly with the programme coordinators and SAO summer programme advisors to learn more about sponsorship and application procedures.
*Light refreshments will be provided during the fair

Information Sessions:

Partner institutions joining this fair will deliver an information session to provide more details about the courses, campus life, accommodation and extra-curricular activities.  This is a great opportunity for you to explore programmes and different cultures .

12:40-12:55University of QueenslandRoom 1002 (E31)
13:00-13:15University of VictoriaRoom 1003 (E31)
13:20-13:35University of British ColumbiaRoom 1002 (E31)
13:40-13:55IÉSEG School of ManagementRoom 1003 (E31)
14:00-14:15Kyung Hee UniversityRoom 1002 (E31)
14:20-14:35Konkuk UniversityRoom 1003 (E31)
14:40-14:55Hanyang UniversityRoom 1002 (E31)
15:00-15:15IBS ISCTE Business SchoolRoom 1003 (E31)
15:20-15:35Tróia Summer SchoolRoom 1002 (E31)
15:40-15:55Russian New UniversityRoom 1003 (E31)
16:00-16:30Summer Programme General Briefing by Student Affairs Office (Cantonese Session)Student Activity Centre Theatre
16:40-16:55University of LeedsRoom 1002 (E31)
17:00-17:15Edge Hill UniversityRoom 1003 (E31)
17:20-17:35University College LondonRoom 1002 (E31)
17:40-17:55Temple UniversityRoom 1003 (E31)
18:00-18:15George Washington UniversityRoom 1002 (E31)
18:20-18:35Boston UniversityRoom 1003 (E31)