2021 Summer Programme Arrangement

2021 Summer Programme Schedule
DateTime ActivityDetailsVenue
1 March13:00-13:30General Briefing
(Session 1 – Cantonese)*
Details about application, sponsorship and important dates will be discussedE31-Student Activity Centre Theatre
1 MarchStarts at 10a.m.

Online Application

Application link will be available on the front page on 1 March, 2021Summer Programme Website
3 March18:00-18:30General Briefing
(Session 2 – Mandarin)*
Details about application, sponsorship and important dates will be discussedE31-Room 1002

22 March–>
9 April

Deadline of Application

Late application will not be accepted

25 March–>
15 April
Result AnnouncementApplication result will be available on https://summer.sao.um.edu.mo/
Announcement of Smart Point Sponsorship will be sent to students through email
Summer Programme Website
25 March to
2 April –> 15 April to 23 April
Submit confirmation to SAO**Confirm your participation and submit agreement letter. You will receive a confirmation link through email on 15 April, 2021
28 April 17:00-17:30Pre-Departure Briefing For students who join the Face-to-Face Programme in Mainland ChinaE31-1001
May to JuneSubmit pre-departure documents to SAO
July to SeptemberSubmit debriefing form to SAO after the programme
*Student who speaks English can make an appointment with Student Development Section to receive more information about application
** Late confirmation will not be accepted

*The schedule and venue are subject to change and will be announced through E-bulletin

  • Attend the general briefing  – 出席暑假交流簡介會
  • Seek agreement from parents/legal guardians  – 獲得父母/法定監護人的同意
  • Smart Points will be counted as at February 28, 2021 – 2021年2月28日或以前得到的智叻星將被計算在內 
  • Cumulated GPA >= 2.0 or equivalent  – 累積GPA需達到2.0或以上
  • UM current student – 必須為澳大在讀學生
  • Contact Faculty directly for credit transfer issues – 請聯絡學院咨詢轉學分事宜
  • Students are responsible for their own visa application, travel insurance and travel arrangements – 學生需自行申請簽證、購買旅遊保險及安排行程
  • Understand the refund policy of the programme that you are interested – 清楚了解心儀計劃的退款政策
  • Student who are selected to their first choice will not be allowed to change to their second choice – 學生獲分派到第一志願後不能改到第二/第三志願
  • Nomination from University of Macau is needed  –  需由學生事務部提名參與
  • Attend pre-departure briefing and complete the debriefing survey after the trip  – 參加出發前簡介會並在交流計劃結束後填寫網上問卷
  • Attend the whole programme and complete its requirement  – 需參與整個交流計劃並完成相關要求
  • Unless justifications are provided by the student and approved by Student Affairs Office, withdrawal from the programme after confirmation (2 April, 2021) or if the student did not complete the programme, will be subjected to an administrative fee of MOP1000 (by cashier order/ bank draft) or disciplinary actions. Student will have to return the full sponsorship (if granted)  除非同學提供合理理由給予學生事務部審批,如同學在確認參與交流計劃後退出(4月2日後)或沒有完成整個交流計劃,需支付澳門幣1000元的行政費(通過銀行本票/銀行匯票)或接受紀律處分,並需退還全額贊助(如獲得資助)


1. Type of Sponsorship

Type of Sponsorship 資助類型Eligibility 資格
1. Smart Point 至叻星Students who have the highest amount of Smart Point 獲得最多至叻星的同學
2. Members nominated by University Teams and SAO Programmes
Campus Training Programme, Cultural and Arts U Team, House Tutors, Peer Support
Sports U Team, Stage Management Programme, Student Leadership Training Programme and Student National Flag Team
3. Residential College 書院Outstanding students nominated by individual Residential College 由各書院提名的優秀學生

2. Combination of Sponsorship

**The amount should not exceed 70% of the total elilgible expenses or MOP15,000.

3. The amount of sponsorship granted to each student 每位同學可獲得的資助:

Programme Type 課程類別Sponsorship 資助金額
Programme Type 課程類別 : G1
(Programme Fee 課程費用 < MOP 20,000)
MOP 7,000
Programme Type 課程類別 : G2
(Programme Fee 課程費用: MOP20,001-30,000)
MOP 11,000
Programme Type 課程類別: G3
(Programme Fee 課程費用: MOP>30,001)
MOP 15,000
**Programme Fee refers to the sum of tuition and accommodation fees announced by the host university
*The median number of Smart Point that students used to obtain sponsorship in 2020:
60.5 points (For reference only)

– Programme nomination and the allocation of sponsorship will be based on student’s accumulated Smart Points
– For programme with limited quota:
1. If the number of applicants exeed the number of quota provided by the host university, your smart point will be deducted in order to get into the programme
2.If the number of quota is enough and all students are able to get into the programme, your smart points will not be deducted.
– In summer 2020, 40 students received sponsorship under Smart Point Scheme ·
– Smart Point Scheme: https://www.um.edu.mo/sao/sds/std/sps/en/sds_asps.php
– Accumulated Smart Points can be checked at Student Information Web Service https://isw.umac.mo/siweb/
– Activities with Smart Point will be announced at Smart Point Scheme website
– SAO reserves the right to change the programme type/sponsorship based on the actual expenses after the programme*2020年獲得資助同學的至叻星中位數: 60.5 (只供參考)
– 同學累積的至叻星數目將決定被提名到不同的課程及資助金額
– 當一個課程的學額有限:
1. 如果對方學校提供的學額少於報名同學的總數,同學所持有的智叻星會被扣除用作爭取學額之用
2. 當對方學校提供的學額多於報名同學的總數,同學所持有的智叻星將不會被扣除
– 至叻星計劃: https://www.um.edu.mo/sao/sds/std/sps/en/sds_asps.php
– 同學可於學生資訊網上服務查詢累積的至叻星: https://isw.umac.mo/siweb/
– 至叻星活動將會在智叻星計劃的網站上公佈: https://www.um.edu.mo/sao/sds/std/sps/en/sds_asps.php
– 學生事務部會按同學完成課程後的實際支出,保留更改課程類別/資助的權利