(Last Updated On: February 14, 2020)
SAO Programme CodeGM3
SAO Programme TypeG1*
Programme PeriodCourse I: 20 Jul – 14 Aug 2020

Course II: 17 Aug – 11 Sep 2020 (UM will not nominate students to this session due to time clash)

U Macau Application Deadline21 February 2020
Courses25 lessons and extra program per week

Accommodation and catering:

  • Rooms in private accommodation
  • Self-catering (reasonably priced meals in University refectory and cafeterias)

Target group and composition of participants:

  • Students of all subjects and disciplines
  • Interested persons possessing university entrance qualification
  • University graduates

Leisure and accompanying programme:

  • Visits to Bremen enterprises (Hanseatic products: coffee, beer and chocolate),
  • Politics, culture, history and future
  • Excursions in Hanseatic Bremen: old-city quarters, Science Park, Universum, Football Museum (Werder Bremen)
  • Films, sport and excursions

Afternoon programme and events:

  • Bremen University MINT-Faculties organised workshops (sometimes held in English)
Programme Fee
  • without accommodation €660
  • with accommodation €980

(please refer to the website of the host university for more details and update about the programme)

English Requirement
Other Requirement

*SAO reserves the right to change the programme type/amount of sponsorship based on the actual expenses spent during the trip

(Very Unsatisfied 1 – 4 Very Satisfied)

Overall experience  :3.1

Visa Application
– Procedure of the application:  2.4
– The length of the application: 2.4
– The attitude of the staff in consulate/embassy: 2.4

“Too difficult for language study visa, hard to be sorted.”

Programme Arrangement
– Course Intensity (Very intensive 1 – 4 Not intensive): 2.7
– Payment of programme fee: 2.9
– Course arrangement: 3.2
– The entertainment of extra activities: 3.2

“Every weekend, we have an activity where we tour around the city with all the other levels. We played games and visited the Beer Factory!”

“This intensive course is designed to give the student a working knowledge of the basic German culture and language, and to provide the opportunity to understand and experience the local life.”

“I could deal with relationships better, I tried my best to communicate and work with different people. ”

“Since we have many activites in class, not only teaching. Therefore, we have a chance to communicate with the foreigners, sharing about personal background, culture from our own country.”


– The price: 3
– The location: 2.5
– The cleanliness: 3.2
– The Facilities: 2.83
– The attitude of staff: 3

“I became friends with the host owner.”

– The price: 2.8
– The taste: 2.33