Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)2020-06-12T17:47:54+08:00
Can I join two programmes if there is no time conflict?2018-11-14T16:14:11+08:00

Yes. However, SAO will nominate you to one programme only. You will need to apply another programme by yourself and SAO will not provide assistance to those self-applied programmes.

Will I receive more sponsorship if I enroll in more courses?2018-11-14T17:09:28+08:00

Yes. However, according to the UM regulation, sponsorship only covers up to Mop 15,000 or 70% of the student’s total expenses which includes prorgramme feeaccommodation fee and air tickets.

What should I do if I want to receive transfer credit(s) for the course that I took at the host university?2018-11-26T16:23:21+08:00

Please prepare detailed course information (e.g. course credit hours, course description, etc) that you are going to take in the summer programme and contact related faculty administrative staff for the possibility of credit transfer and related procedures.

I am selected to my first choice programme, can I change to my second choice/ third choice?2018-11-14T17:12:58+08:00

No. Students cannot change their choices after the application deadline.

What does it mean by “programme fee waived for UM nominated students”?2018-11-14T17:19:28+08:00

It means that all the students (within the quota limit of that programme) who are selected by our university no matter from U-team or the online application, will enjoy the programme fee waiver.

What is the selection criteria for those programmes with limited quotas?2017-11-10T14:27:42+08:00

Some of the quotas of summer programmes are reserved for U-team members & SAO Programme members. Selection for other students will be based on the below criteria,

  1. Number of Smart Points
  2. Cumulative GPA
Will SAO apply travel/study visa for us?2018-11-14T17:21:55+08:00

No. Students are responsible for their own visa application.

Are there any supporting documents provided by the UM for visa application?2018-11-14T17:22:56+08:00

Yes, a “Letter of Selection” issued by Student Affairs Office will be given to you. Please check what other documents you need from the Embassy. For example, some VISA application might need a testimonial issued by Registry/Graduate School to prove that you are a student of the University of Macau, which will take two working days and cost MOP55.

If I lost my “Letter of Selection”, can I apply for a new one?2018-11-14T17:23:19+08:00

No. Only one “Letter of Selection” will be issued to selected students.

Do I need to pay the administrative fee (MOP 1000) if I withdraw from the programme due to visa problem?2018-11-14T17:23:45+08:00

It depends on the rejected reason so please inform SAO if your visa application is rejected.

How can I get Smart Point?2018-11-14T17:25:24+08:00

Each student will be granted a specific number of Smart Point only after he/she achieves the minimum required participation hours of the designated activities. Activities with Smart Point will be announced at SP website:

Where can I check my accumulated Smart Point?2018-11-14T17:25:39+08:00

Accumulated Smart Points can be checked at Student Information Web Service:

When is the cut-off date of smart point for the summer programme application?2019-11-22T14:55:58+08:00

Your accumulated smart points will be counted as at 14 Feburary, 2020 which is also the application deadline. In other words, we will count all the smart points that you have acquired on or before 14 Feb, regardless if they have already updated in your ISW or not.

Can I participate the summer programme for free by using smart points?2018-11-14T17:27:34+08:00

Sponsorship will only cover 70% of the student’s total expense which includes prorgramme fee, accommodation fee and air ticket. Please refer to the examples below:

CaseGranted SponsorshipTotal Expense$ you will get at the end
1Mop 10000MOP 10000MOP 7000
2Mop 10000MOP 12000MOP 8400
3Mop 10000MOP 18000MOP 10000
How many points do we need for sponsorship?2019-11-22T14:59:28+08:00

The chance of getting sponsorship depends on the number of smart points from all participants; therefore, we could not guarantee that how many smart points you need for in order to receive smart point sponsorship. In 2019, a median of 65 Smart Points are needed to receive the sponsorship for G1, G2 and G3 programme.

When will the subsidy be reimbursed?2018-11-14T17:32:34+08:00

Student Affairs Office will start processing the reimbursement as long as we receive the program reports and transcript from the students. It usually takes some time for the host university to send the official transcript to Macau. The subsidy will be reimbursed no later than the end of November after we review all the documents.

Can I apply for summer programme if my passport is expired/ under renewal?2018-11-14T17:33:20+08:00

Yes, you can apply for the summer program even your passport is expired. Moreover, please make sure that you passport is already renewed before you apply for the VISA or departure.

What should I do if I made mistakes in my online application with SAO?2018-11-14T17:36:40+08:00
  • Before application deadline: please submit a new application and the latest one will be considered.
  • After application: Please send an e-mail to to provide further information. Please state your name and your student number in the e-mail.
If I graduating in May, can I apply for the summer programme and receive sponsorship from the university?2019-11-22T14:54:01+08:00

Yes, you can still apply and receive sponsorship from the university (if granted). However, some programmes do not accept Year 4 students so have to read the admission criteria carefully before you apply. Please also make sure you will not withdraw from the programme after acceptance due to a new job offer. Otherwise, you will be subjected to an administrative fee of MOP1000 and return the full sponsorship (if granted) to SAO. For non-local students, you may have difficulties to apply for the visa to some of the countries as your stay permit in Macau will be expired in May or June.

If I am currently having my semester exchange abroad, can I apply for the summer programme?2018-11-14T17:59:11+08:00

Yes, you can apply for summer program. However, you will be responsible for your visa application and submit the official application to the host university after nominated by the Student Affairs Office.

Can I choose the summer programme which is not related to my major?2018-11-14T17:42:03+08:00

Yes. You can join any summer programme as long as you meet the criteria of the admission.

If I am a master student, can I apply for the summer programme?2018-11-14T17:42:41+08:00

Most programmes are available for both undergraduates and postgraduates, unless it is stated only for undergraduate or postgraduate students.