(Last Updated On: March 19, 2021)
SAO Programme CodeIR2
SAO Programme TypeG1
Programme Period 28 June to 22 July 2021 (4 weeks)
U Macau Application Deadline9 April 2021
QuotaNo Limit
Responsible StaffIves Ma (ivesma@um.edu.mo)
Programme FeeProgram cost: USD$1,393 (one course)/USD$2,422 (Two courses)
English Requirement 
Other Requirement 

*SAO reserves the right to change the programme type/amount of sponsorship based on the actual expenses spent during the programme

Tour in Jaffa City

IR2_With other summer programme participants

Trip to Dead Sea

Visit Google Headquarter in Israel

(Very Unsatisfied 1 – 4 Very Satisfied)

Overall experience  : 3.5

Visa Application

– Procedure of the application: 2.5
– The length of the application: 2.5
– The attitude of the staff in consulate/embassy: 2.5
Comments: “If you are applying for the visa in Guangzhou, you can mail all the application documents by courier so you don’t have to go there in person.”

Programme Arrangement
– Course Intensity (Very intensive 1 – 4 Not intensive): 1.5
– Payment of programme fee: 3.5
– Course arrangement: 3.5
– Airport pick up service: no pick up service provided
– Buddies: 3.5
– The entertainment of extra activities: 3.5
Comments: “Many knowledgeable professors in Hebrew University gave us the lectures. The teaching mode and slides are so creative that we can memorize the content very easily. Besides, some guest speaker from famous company will also come to our classroom to have lecture for us. The second part of our courses is the company visiting. From the visiting, we can have a further understanding of the Israel mode of business. Many aspects we had come into touch with during the visiting such some experimental operation, the working environment, and product display etc.

Accommodation (Dormitory)
– The price: 2
– The location: 2.5
– The cleanliness: 2.5
– The Facilities: 2
– The attitude of staff: 3.5
Since there’re a lot of students joining the summer course, I had to stay in a temporary accommodation for 10 days before moving to the official accommodation. This was very inconvenient and the conditions of temporary accommodation was poor.” “The beddings and chairs were dirty and the price of the on-campus accommodation is quite high. However, the attitude of the staff is good and one of them knows how to speak Chinese.”

– The price: 2.5
– The taste: 3
“The food on campus is expensive”